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About the Program

The Mentor/Tutor Internship program at the University of Rhode Island (MTI@URI) is dedicated to providing great interns from URI to aid in a wide variety of schools and programs across the state. The program offers either three or six credits to student interns in exchange for 44 or 100 hours of service, depending upon the amount of credits they intend to receive.

After having the interns fill out a placement survey, we connect them with one of the schools and programs we partner with, ranging from pre-K through high school. Intern progress is tracked during the semester through classroom work and maintained contact with our placements. Personal growth is seen equally in the interns as in the students they mentor.

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MTI at Elementary Schools

Interns in Elementary Schools are placed with a teacher and function as teaching assistants. URI students assist children in their academic work, help students with social skills, and support youngsters who are in need of individual attention.

MTI at Middle and High Schools

Secondary education mentors may be assigned an individual mentee who is in need of academic or emotional support. The mentor may be asked to work with the student in a quiet corner of the library or in the classroom. Some interns work with individual students in resource rooms or support classroom teachers.

Time Commitment

MTI interns spend at least 4 hours per week at a local school, and one or two hours per week in discussion groups at URI. Learn more about the course requirements and commitments.

What Mentors Offer

MTI mentors offer something very unique - they are not a parents, teachers, or other adult authority figures. They are college students, which allows them to relate with younger students in very different and positive ways.

our mission

"The Mentor/Tutor Internship (MTI) program at URI seeks to provide disengaged youth and children with a safe haven to explore social and economic issues. The mentors assist students in discovering their goals and support the process of attaining those goals. In addition, the mentors create and bolster connections with the school and the community".