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What types of students are involved in the MTI program?

MTI exists for URI students who want to make a difference in a young personís life. MTI is open to students of all majors, not just education or political science.


Do I need to have a minimum GPA to apply to MTI?

No. We expect all of our MTI volunteers to be serious students but no minimum average is required. Students with high GPAís can be effective mentors and tutors but so can students who know what it is like to struggle to learn a subject. The most important quality of an MTI volunteer is dependability. It is very important for our students to be consistent in showing up for assignments, because they are working with children who have had a long history of people letting them down.

Do I get to choose the school where I will be placed?

We try to accommodate studentsí requests and usually can place them in a school of their choice. But we cannot always guarantee this. We will make sure that your placement will provide you with a wonderful learning experience.

Are URI students given assignments other than at schools?

Yes. Many URI students find it very rewarding to be placed with the RI Family Literacy Initiative (RIFLI). In this program, students help immigrants learn how to speak English and prepare to become citizens.

What will be expected of me besides going to a school 4 hours/week?

MTI students meet in small groups for 50 minutes each break with a teaching assistant. These groups provide support for students with any problems they may be encountering and give structure to the MTI learning experience.

What can I expect to take away from MTI?

MTI students receive 3 pass/fail internship credits. More importantly, they receive enormous satisfaction from making a real difference in some childrenís lives.

How many credits can I take?

You can take MTI for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 credits. You can take the class for a total of 12 credits before exhausting participation ability.

How many hours are required to get credit?

The amount of hours depends on the number of credits you are signed up for. The break-down of hours is as follows:
  • 1 Credit: 15 hours
  • 2 Credits: 30 hours
  • 3 Credits: 44 hours
  • 4 Credits: 60 hours
  • 5 Credits: 75 hours
  • 6 Credits: 100 hours

Do I have to come to a recitation?

Coming to, and participating in, recitation each week is a requirement of the course. If you do not attend recitation each week you will receive a grade of ďIncompleteĒ for the course.

Why do I have to complete journals?

Journals are part of the course to assure you are getting as much from your participation as possible. This allows you to express freely to your Teaching Assistant what is happening at your placement and allows us to help resolve any issues if they come about. Itís also a time for you to reflect on your placement and your impact there.

Is MTI a graded class?

MTI is not a graded class, it is a Pass/Fail Political Science class.

Is the class upper-level?

Yes, the credits you receive through the MTI program are 300-level Pass/Fail credits given through the Political Science department.

How do I get a gas card?

If you participate in one of the Providence/Cranston (Northern Rhode Island) placements and complete your hours and coursework, you receive your earned gas card upon receiving your passing grade in the course.

Do I have to have a car to participate?

No, a car is not required to participate in the program, we do have a very limited number of placements you can walk to, but they are limited so public transit may be another option to consider.

If I donít go to my placement one week, do I still have to go to recitation?

Yes, recitation is a requirement each week, no matter what, as are your weekly journals. Details will be discussed further with your Teaching Assistants.

What if Iím having trouble getting in contact with my placement?

If you contact your placement during the week and they do not get back to you within 48 hours, e-mail your Teaching Assistant who will notify Diamond, the MTI director, to take further steps.
If you contact your placement on a Friday or during a weekend give them until Tuesday at 5:00pm to return your e-mail or phone call. If after that time period, you have not been contacted back, notify your Teaching Assistant.

What if Iím having trouble getting hours completed?

Talk to your Teaching Assistant to figure out why you are not getting enough hours and if needed, Diamond can give you a different or supplemental placement.

How many hours a week do I have to be at my placement to get my hours done?

If you are completing 44 hours for 3 credits, it comes out to approximately 4 hours per week over the course of the semester. The best course of action is to budget out your time when you first begin the course and set up a schedule with your placement to assure full hours completion by the time hours are due so you do not have to scramble.

What other work do I have to do for the class besides a journal each week?

There are two checks you have to have filled out by your placement, a mid-point and final check to evaluate your performance at your placement, a midterm paper and/or project, and a final paper and/or project to be completed along with your weekly journals and recitation attendance, and of course, hours.
Required work is subject to change and vary among Teaching Assistants.

What if Iím sick and I canít make my placement?

Always notify your placement if you cannot be there. Be sure to CALL, not e-mail unless far in advance to tell your placement you will be missing your scheduled time. Teachers budget time around when they have volunteers in their classrooms so to not show up without notification is detrimental to the studentís learning for that day.
After you notify your teacher, e-mail your Teaching Assistant to let them know what is going on.

How do I sign up for a recitation? I donít see it on e-campus!

Recitations cannot be signed up for on e-campus, you sign up at the MTI training day in person. You sign up only for the Political Science class, PSC 375 or 376, which reserves you a place in the class, then when recitation times are decided by the Director and Teaching Assistants, you sign up in person.

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