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Faculty and Staff


Current Session Teachers

Lessons are taught by teachers from one of three categories. A teacher for your instrument may not always be available in every category. The categories are:

I. Undergrad
II. Grad

Each category has a separate fee schedule. Please consult the Fees section for the current rates.

All URI undergraduate students teaching in the program must have the approval of their own private teacher, and begin in the mentoring program in order to participate in the program.

Grads are either current graduate students or recent graduates.

Faculty are either URI Music faculty or area professional teachers.

Registration Policy for
private lessons

Once we have recieved your form and payment we will have a teacher contact you to schedule lessons. We will hold your check until lessons have been scheduled and return it to you if scheduling is impossible.

*Instruction may begin at any time during the session by pro-rating your payment according to the table on the Rates and Fees page