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Department of Music

About the Department

At the URI Music department, we believe that music and the arts are the worthwhile work of a lifetime, and that the creative arts are the most powerful tools we have for refining and broadening human experience, representing beauty, and perpetuating cultural heritage. We believe that the quality of life in our world and society male student playing fluteis closely tied to the artistic sensitivities of our citizens, and we are committed to fostering the musical skills and intellectual capacities of our students toward a life-long pursuit of musical excellence.

Whether you are aiming for a professional career in music, or for a more general foundation with development of your skills, our department offers the programs to get you where you want to go, with teachers who will partner with you on the journey, rather than herding you along the same path as everyone else. We offer:

At URI you will have the opportunity to grow to your full potential in the field of music, with the support and encouragement of the finest teachers, amongst fellow students who have similar talent and dreams. Your education here will include the latest in technological advances, which are especially rapid in the arts.


Our facilities are equipped with up-to-date computer, recording, compositional and other audio-video technology, and our faculty and staff offer expertise in technology areas. Our students develop hardcopy and electronic versions of their individual portfolios starting in their freshman year, using a portfolio development program that has been hailed as a model for schools of music throughout the U.S.

Performance Opportunities

violin studentPerforming is an important part of studying music at URI. As one of our students you will be able to attend or perform in a full schedule of student recitals, department concerts, music convocations (weekly), festivals, professional concert series, and more, every semester. You can join our various band, orchestra, choir, jazz, or chamber ensembles and perform in places like New York or France, and with famous artists like David Kim or Ellis Marsalis. You will be able to pursue the perfection of skills you already have begun to develop, and to explore new paths you may not even have imagined.

Advising and Mentoring

And you won’t have to figure everything out on your own. In addition to a very strong faculty advising program with teachers who really care, we have a mentoring program that teams our new students with established ones eager to help you.

Opportunities await you at URI! Come join us.