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Scenes from the University of Rhode Island

Communications and Marketing

it's not a big deal really...

...a University communications and marketing department that's here to help you achieve your strategic communications and marketing goals, that is. But for us, it is a very big privilege. In fact, it's what we love do to.

think about us. Because we think about you. A lot.

The University of Rhode Island is a small, beautiful place with some very big, global thinking. It's our job, and our pleasure, to make sure everybody knows that. We do that through some of our own initiatives, and by assisting you with some of yours. Whether you're working to recruit more students, build awareness of a public program, publicize an achievement, reach out to the community, or produce communication materials, we want to hear from you.

As part of the office of External Relations and Communications, we have an intimate awareness of the University's brand — its promises, its messages, its look, and its voice. And we use that awareness to inform everything we do — from words and images to publicity and advertisements to market research and strategies — so that all the communication messages and solutions we develop with you are in sync with the University's brand vision and values.

But we also find a way to ensure that those messages and solutions reveal what's unique and special about your endeavor. After all, we can't very well promote the University without promoting its faculty, students, alumni, and programs, too. In fact, these are the stories that really get us going — the stories that surprise our community, prospective students, high school educators, parents, alumni and opinion-leaders with the big ideas, big research, and big discoveries that are happening at the University of Rhode Island.

We have our own big goal too — to enhance the University's worldwide reputation. The work you do makes that easy. We just need you to tell us about it.

How we work for you. And with you.

No matter what we're doing, we take a strategic approach from the beginning. We'll ask you questions such as: What are your goals? Who is your audience? What's your desired action? What are your key messages? We'll also ask questions about what makes your story or project big. How is it better or different than other schools? What are you offering our students that they can't get anywhere else? What is the practical application of the new discovery or research project? What is the global impact of this work? In other words, how does it embody our tagline — "Think Big. We Do."?

Then we'll assign your project to the appropriate team member, who will work with you for the rest of your project, whether it's web support, strategic marketing, advertising, publicity and promotion, video support, or community relations. And if your project involves design and production of print materials, we'll turn to the Office of Publications and Creative Services, also in the Department of Communications and Community Relations, for top-notch editorial, technical and creative help putting your strategic messages and concepts onto paper. but more specifically, what we do for you. and with you.

Together, we all tell the story of the University of Rhode Island, each of us brings specialized training and expertise to each project, and we take a multidimensional approach that combines many different but cohesive communication tactics.

public Relations

Media Relations and Publicity: Good news is better than no news.

We respond to media inquiries, and we pitch news stories to the media as well in the form of press releases, announcements, online communication, and other professional connections. As a result, our cutting-edge faculty and the University have been featured in news outlets from the Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal to "Live with Regis and Kelly" and "Fox Business" to the London Guardian and the Times of India, not to mention dozens of trade publications, local papers, and blogs. You can see the many news outlets around the globe that have featured University of Rhode Island at our news blog.

Crisis Communications: When the stuff hits the fan.

It doesn't happen often, but it happens. And when it does, we're here to facilitate the exchange of news and information with our campus community and beyond through the news media as well as the University's Emergency Alert system. If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to URI's Emergency Alert through your e-Campus account. And if you know about something that could make the news, but not in a good way, be sure to give us a call right away so we can be ready to help with the University's media communications response.

Speaker's Bureau: Connecting the University with the community.

Community outreach is a big part of what we do at URI. One of the ways we reach out to our community, passing on our knowledge to people around the state, nation and world, is through our Speakers Bureau. Nearly 200 faculty, staff and administrators are on our speaker's bureau list, ready and willing to make presentations on dozens of different topics throughout the community. Whether your specialty lies in broad areas such as business, education or health, or specific areas such as stuttering, garden insects, or Sherlock Holmes, we'll bet there's a community group out there that wants to know what you know. More information about the URI Speakers Bureau is available online. And contact us to be added to our list of speakers.

marketing services

Editorial Content: Your words speak volumes.

We can provide assistance to you in writing content for both the web and print projects. We help you develop your messages based on your strategic goals, infuse the University's brand voice, and tailor the language and tone to reflect the needs of your unique audiences.

Advertising: But wait! These aren't your typical ads.

From billboards and print ads to radio spots and television commercials to Facebook ads and web advertising, we want to create advertisements that present your product in the best light possible. We'll do it in a way that illuminates your value as part of the University, and in a way that elevates the University because you're a part of it. We give your ad a look and feel that is clearly part of, not competing with, the University, but that also showcases what is special about you.

Photography and Photograph Selection: A picture is worth a thousand words.

If you need images — for a brochure, a PowerPoint presentation, a website, or whatever - we'll help you find it from our catalog of branded photography. And if we don't have what you need, we can help get some branded photography for you. Our University photographer and our freelance photographers are second to none when it comes to capturing the University's brand.

Strategic Marketing: Wouldn't you rather spend money on what works, than just spend money?

We're uniquely able to view your strategic marketing goals both in the context of the University's brand identity, and from the perspective of your key audiences. We take a coordinated, cohesive approach to marketing, ensuring that all elements of your marketing plan work together, that media outreach and advertising go hand-in-hand, that posters and brochures support your social media activities, that your website reflects your promise, and so on. We don't just do marketing, we actually really love it too. Because we know we've got great stories to tell about the University of Rhode Island, including yours.

new Media

Video Production: If a picture's worth a thousand words...

We know that sometimes, your message is better shown than told. Our multimedia professionals not only know how to produce video, they know how to tell your story the way only URI can. They also take into consideration your strategic goals, your particular audiences, how the video will be used, and where it will be placed. Just as there's a time for every season, there's also a time for polished, broadcast-quality videos, and a time for the hand-held look of a home-made video, a time for a short spot about a new program and a time for a lengthier piece to inform opinion-leaders. Whatever your video needs, we'll bring them to life.

Live Streaming: Taking here to there. Or is it bringing there to here?

Through live streaming, we're able to take University presentations and events from Kingston, Narragansett, Providence, West Greenwich, and beyond in real time, around the globe, engaging scholars, alumni, students, educators, parents... to expand the world's horizons. Programs stream live on URILive! and then are archived on our YouTube channel.

web communications

University Website: The University's most-read publication.

Ours is a small but mighty web communications force that provides content development, content architecture, image selection, and production, all with a focus on strategy, usability, web standards, and best practices. Enthusiastic about ensuring consistency across University web pages, we don't just give you a template, we meet with you one-on-one to discuss your site, your strategic goals, and your web capabilities and challenges.

Social Media: It's a big small world after all.

Sure, we still do a lot of the traditional stuff. But the University of Rhode Island knows that many of the people we're trying to reach are using Facebook, YouTube, RSS feeds, Twitter, and other social media. So we're there too. And what's great about these venues is that what is often just a little too informal or quirky or cute or "cool" for traditional news releases and brochures, are often just perfect for Facebook and other social media.

University Communications: No cups and strings here.

Our online events calendar is just waiting for user-generated information on concerts, exhibits, lectures, performances, and more. We use that calendar to produce a weekly internal electronic newsletter, called Next Week at URI, highlighting events for the upcoming week. URI Today is your one-stop daily news site for top URI news stories, social media updates, upcoming events, and links to URI blogs, sports, and other communication venues. Make it your homepage.