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URI Events FAQs

  • Who can use URI Events?
    The public can view all of the events happening at URI. Active University students, faculty and staff can log on to use the interactive features. URI alumni will soon be able to log on as well.
  • Why should I use this?
    URI Events is the only University-wide, centralized calendar that shows what's happening at any of the University's four campuses. For logged-on users it
    allows access to many interactive features to help manage personal calendars, make plans with friends, and even get event reminders.

How to Use URI Events

  • How do I log onto URI Events?
    It's simple. Current students, faculty and staff can log into the calendar using their URI eCampus username and password (Example - "jsmith | mypassword"). If you don't know this information, visit the URI Help desk.
  • After I'm logged on, What's next?
    Set up your profile page, select 'groups' to follow, find friends and much more. To do this, go to the top middle menu and select "Account," then "Edit Profile.” You also can select "Settings" to include your Facebook and Twitter names, adjust your "Notifications" choices and your "Privacy" options. The “My Calendar” link will list events you've said your "Going to" and more. You can also receive and send messages as well.
  • How do I search for events?
    Simple! Use the various links on the right-hand page margin or you may use the search bar to find events by date, group, place, event type or key words.
  • What do the "Watch this" and "I’m going” buttons mean?
    For logged-in users, "Watch this" will e-mail you a reminder about the event and a link to the page to see other logged-in users who said they plan to attend.  "I'm going" tells other logged-in users that you plan to attend an event.
  • What if I want more information about an event?
    Each event listing includes a contact e-mail and phone number for questions about the actual event and a link to options for tickets.
  • How do I make my profile private?
    Simply click "Account" on the top toolbar, then scroll down to "Account Settings." From there, click privacy to the right of notifications. Once you get to the privacy page you can make any category you want private or alter it so that only your friends can see it.

How to Post Events

  • How do I add an event?
    URI community members who log in to URI Events are eligible to submit events. After an event is submitted, the University's calendar editors review the entries and proofread for content accuracy and event details needed. The items are posted according to several criteria, including timeliness, general and campus interest, and University relationship/sponsorship.
  • What info is needed?
    There's an easy to complete form that is available for all logged-in users. All submissions MUST include the title, description, time, date, place of the event, and admission charges. It is also helpful if you include the name and phone or email address for a contact person. A brief description (speaker, film title, performer, etc.), the name of the sponsoring organization, and a picture will make your event stand out. Incomplete submissions cannot be posted.
  • How soon will my event be posted?
    Once submitted, events will be posted within 24 hours Monday-Thursday. Events submitted on a Friday, should be posted by the following Monday. If you do not see your event listed after that, please send an email to
  • How do I make mine a "trending" event?

The more users who click "I'm Going" or "Watch This" will improve your event's chances of being shown as a trending event on the URI Events homepage. This is a computer software function.

  • My event is two event "types," which of the two do I select?

    You may select both or as many as are related. By selecting the appropriate “event type” will help the search engine list your events in the appropriate area.

  • What about events sponsored by my college, department, or student program?
    All University colleges, departments, programs and more are able to log in and post all of their affiliated events and more. All student organizations also can post their events and registered users will receive notice about a new event posted by or affiliated with their group.
  • How can I add or "claim" my group?
    If your group's not listed, email information about it to To "claim" an existing group, please complete the group claim form. Once confirmed as a group officer, you can edit your group profile page and send messages to the groups fans.
  • Can I add an event if I am not a member of the URI Community?
    You may send your information to and it will be considered for inclusion.

How to Add a Widget to your Website

  • I already have an events calendar on my website - why should I use this?
    Instead of managing a separate calendar, you can embed a URI Events widget tailored to only show your events. At the same time, having your events included in the University-wide events calendar, more people will learn about them and they may be included in the weekly "Next Week @URI" and bi-weekly News from URI e-newsletters.
  • It's easy to create your widget.
    After logging in, select "Account" and "My Groups." Then on the right hand side under groups,  select "Widget Builder." Enter your calendar parameters, then cut and paste the auto-generated code into your website.