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Scenes from The University of Rhode Island

URIís planetarium offers heavenly view to groups

Media Contact:Jan Wenzel, 874-2116

KINGSTON, R.I. -- January 22, 2004 -- Community groups can get a heavenly view at the University of Rhode Island.

Although URI Ďs small planetarium is busy on Monday afternoons when students and others on campus get the opportunity to attend a regularly scheduled show, the small, gray domed building remains empty on other days with the exception of an occasional visit by a Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop.

Elizabeth Bozyan, an adjunct associate professor in URIís Physics Department, who makes the planetarium arrangements, is willing to open the planetarium for other interested groups. She would arrange to have Francine Jackson, the planetarium expert, speak about such things as the movement of the night sky or how the constellations look at different times of the year. Jackson gives the talk on a volunteer basis.

The planetarium, built sometime around 1950, was originally located near Taft Hall, but was relocated to its current spot on Upper College Road to accommodate the construction of the URI Library.

In the half-century plus years that have passed, with man having already walked on the moon and with an exploration rover currently looking at the surface of Mars, heavenly bodies seem to be more popular than ever.

Any group interested in learning more about our solar system at the URI planetarium should contact Bozyan to set up a time. She can be reached by email, or by phone at 874-2057 or 874-2634.