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Rhode Island Endeavor Program issues request for proposals

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Narragansett, RI -- January 12, 2005 -- The Rhode Island Endeavor Program (RIEP), managed by the URI Graduate School of Oceanography, has issued a request for proposals for projects to be conducted on board the research vessel Endeavor. The proposal deadline is March 18, 2005, and approval of proposals for the 2006 fiscal year (beginning on July 1, 2005) is contingent on anticipated funding from the State of Rhode Island.

Information about proposal guidelines is available on-line at:

A one-hour conference for prospective proponents will be held on February 18 at 10 a.m. in the Challenger Room of the Pell Marine Science Library on the URI Narragansett Bay Campus. Anyone interested in submitting a proposal is welcome to participate.

The purpose of the RIEP is to provide Rhode Islanders with direct access to the scientific research and educational capabilities of an intermediate class research vessel and to place Rhode Island in a position to compete successfully with other states for federal support for a replacement vessel in the future.

The RIEP emphasizes scientific marine research, education, and technical training. The program encourages activities that enhance or promote partnerships, such as to develop new technologies for research and industrial applications. State funds will be used to provide sea time on the Endeavor in order to conduct scientific experiments, test equipment and techniques, and train and educate students.

Proposals should contain a research, educational, and/or development component; present an operation plan that is consistent with US Coast Guard and University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) rules and regulations; and accept that previously scheduled research cruises take priority over RIEP activities.

The R/V Endeavor is a 184-foot, general-purpose oceanographic research ship home-ported in Narragansett, RI, and operated by the URI Graduate School of Oceanography. For more information about the R/V Endeavor visit

For more information about the RIEP, contact Jeffrey Callahan, Director of Facilities, URI Graduate School of Oceanography, at (401) 874-6584 or via email at