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Scenes from The University of Rhode Island

URI Commencement doubles the excitement for Carter brothers

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KINGSTON, R.I. -- May 16, 2005 -- They majored in sociology, played defensive back for the University of Rhode Island’s football team, and plan to go into law enforcement. Raheem and Rashaad Carter are one of five sets of twins who graduate from URI on May 22.

The Carters continue to finish each other’s sentences. “We used to do that a lot,” says Raheem. “When we were young,” says Rashaad.

The twin’s nonverbal communication is even stronger. “Emotionally we are the same,” Raheem says. “If we’re at an event and something is happening, I know it’s affecting him the same way as it is me.” Rashaad nods his head in agreement.

They are not always in total agreement. “Our mother says that she can not believe that we’re 23 years old and still arguing.” The identical twins laugh.

Both men graduated from Fitch Senior High School and spent their first year at different colleges. Raheem was recruited from Central Connecticut for the URI football team. His brother who was studying in Arizona soon followed.

“URI is closer for the family to come to the games,” says the Groton, Conn. brothers. Their 18-year-old sister has just finished her first year at Long Island University.

Raheem switched his major at URI from history to sociology. He is currently working with at-risk youth in Waterford, Conn. He has applied to several police departments and is in the recruiting process. He expects to get hired soon.

“Sociology is a good major,” Raheem says. “It helps you understand where people are coming from,” agrees Rashaad.

It took the sociology faculty and staff some time to realize they were twins and sociology majors. “I heard once that there was a department meeting about which one is which,” Raheem says.

Rashaad is completing a case management internship at a 24-hour residential treatment program. He works with residents who are drug dependent and have mental disabilities. Before he did the internship, he wanted to become a police officer. But after learning about drug addiction, he wants to focus on that field. He’s been offered a full-time job at the program after he graduates. He’ll take it for now, but hopes to eventually pursue a career in the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

For now, they will rent an apartment or condo together. It will be a Felix and Oscar type of arrangement. “During the week everything will be in its place,” says Raheem who finished up his work at URI in December. “And then he comes home on the weekend and everything gets messed up.” Rashaad interrupts. “He’s obsessive compulsive,” he says with a smile and a shrug.

Photo: Raheem and Rashaad Carter of Groton, Conn.
URI News Bureau Photo by Michael Salerno Photography