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Rhode Island State Crime Lab director to speak at seminar series

Media Contact: Dave Lavallee, 401-874-5862

KINGSTON, R.I. -- February 3, 2006 -- Dennis Hilliard, director of the Rhode Island State Crime Laboratory at the University of Rhode Island, will speak Friday, Feb. 10, 3:30 to 5 p.m., Pastore Hall, room 124 as part of the Universityís Forensic Science Seminar Series.

Hilliard will speak about the activities of the state crime lab, as well as the URI Forensic Science Partnership, which sponsors the seminar series.

Handling cases from state and local police, the state laboratory analyzes gunshot residue, bullet casings and other firearms evidence, fiber, and hair as well as fingerprints.

In addition, the lab examines evidence from state arson cases.

The state crime laboratory is also used by Hilliard to analyze blood alcohol levels and their effect on driving. Additionally, Hilliard qualifies as an expert in Rhode Island courts.

ďI am asked [by the attorney general] to interpret the level [of alcohol in a personís blood] to test that personís ability to drive a car. I try to determine whether at the time of the crash they were at a level higher or lower than the legal limit,Ē says Hilliard, who is also co-director of URIís Forensic Science Partnership.