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Tree in front of Quinn Hall


Preview of what is coming this Fall............

Watch for the 2015 Fall Catalog with full details available in mid August.

             September - August 2015

Art History

Norman Rockwell and His Legacy


Current Affairs

The United Nations

The Arab Spring... Winter ?

2016: Presidential Election Year Politics

Expressive Arts

Draw and Paint with Me

Taking Better Travel Photographs

Introduction to Watercolor


Downton Abbey Season IV: After the War

Draw and Paint with Me

A Science Fiction Journey on Film

James Cameron’s Film Avatar

A Science Fiction Journey on Film

Classic Film Noir

Health and Wellness

Aging in Place: Holding on to the Good as We Grow Older

The Art and Science of Mindfulness Meditation

Stillness and Well-being: Making Thoughtful Choices for Your Good Life

The Practice of Meditation

Breath Techniques

Life’s Magical Moments: How I learned to Speak Up

Silence, Solitude, and Breath

Three Paths (Plus One) to Inner Peace: A Blessing by John O’Donohue


World War II in the Pacific

The Atomic Bomb

Reconstruction: An American Dilemma

The Rise of Industrial America 1830 - 1914


Conversational Italian I

Conversational Italian II

Chiacchierare in Italiano: Chatting in Italian


Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers

The Golem: The Creature that Launched a Thousand Stories

Homer’s Iliad

Edgar Allan Poe: Master of Mystery or Imp of the Perverse


Richard Wagner’s Tannhauser

Yes Uke Can! An All Level Group Ukulele Workshop

Yes, Uke Can Too: An Intermediate Group Ukulele Workshop

Musicals Past and Present

The Legends of Rock and Roll: Six Biographical Films

The Music and Events of the 1960s

Reading Rhythms

Two in One: Vocal and Instrumental Jazz Styles


The Hurricane of 1938: Readings and Beach Walking Tour

The Okavango Delta: Water in a Desert

A Moose for Charlie: A Vermont Odyssey


Ethics at the End of Life

Body and Soul - Metaphysics

Courage and Compassion


Oceanography: A Science Survey

Exploring the Geology and Geologic History of Southern R.I.

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine*

How Does Nature Do It? A(nother) Study of Biomimicry*

Biofouling Organisms

Surfing the Quantum World

Exploration of the Universe


Let’s Make a Short Movie

Improvising Theater I

Improvising Theater II: Advanced Storytelling Skills



*Collaborative Learning Course









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