Marine & Environment

The mission of URI's marine and environmental outreach effort is:

a) to promote broad-based and topic-specific marine and environmental literacy for an informed and engaged citizenry;
b) to transfer information and technology from the University that promotes the sustainable use and development of marine and environmental resources for public benefit; and
c) to work with a range of governmental and private organizations to formulate resource management policies and plans and implement practices that sustain the qualities of coastal environments and watersheds.

The goals of the marine and environmental outreach program are:
a) to be a leader in outreach education recognized locally, nationally, and internationally;
b) to be a valued partner with Rhode Island's people, communities, and institutions in a rapidly changing, information rich and information-dependent society;
c) to be interdisciplinary in approaches to identifying and responding to complex issues affecting society and the environment; and
d) to be uniquely positioned to communicate timely and practical information to targeted audiences and stakeholders and to bring their concerns and priorities back to university researchers and outreach educators.