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Dr. Bob Zunjic
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy

Butterfield Hall Director

Drawing by M. C. Escher

Residential Education

Serving the URI community in a dual capacity of an adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Hall Director allows me to recreate many undeservedly neglected features of the old college-master position. First and foremost, this form of residential education keeps me in a perpetually rejuvenating touch with many of my students - literally around the clock. Second, in contrast to those somewhat misanthropic faculty, who are deeply convinced that colleges would be the most agreeable places in the world if there were no students around, I find this constant exposure to the indomitable curiosity of student population (truly, sometimes rules breaking) very inspiring and instrumental in maintaining the right balance between my own scholarly interests and my true commitment to teaching and student development in general. Last but not least, my "life without parole" on the premises of the University of Rhode Island enables me to share different experiences and insights with many more colleagues across the campus community than it would be otherwise possible. My hope is that this Web-site, by reflecting both some of the contents and some of the forms of my involvement with the residential education at URI, will prove useful to my students and not entirely otiose to my colleagues and friends.
Bob Zunjic
Roger Williams Center
18 Butterfield Rd
Kingston, RI 02881
Phone: (401) 874-5499
E-mail: szunjic@uri.edu