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Inauguration Planning Committees

  • Robert M. Beagle, Vice President, Division of University Advancement, Chair
  • Linda Acciardo, Director, Communications and Marketing
  • David Bedard, President, Student Senate
  • Winnie Brownell, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Michelle Curreri, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Harry Davis, Assistant Director, Facilities Services
  • Tom Dougan, Vice President for Student Life
  • Don DeHayes, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Lynne Derbyshire, Chair, Department of Communication Studies
  • Andrea Hopkins, Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs
  • Sharon Kenyon, Executive Assistant, Division of Finance and Administration
  • Pierre LaPerriere, RI Board of Governors for Higher Education
  • Michele Nota, Executive Director of Alumni Relations
  • Laurie Onanian, Director, Development Administration, URI Foundation
  • Mike Ryan, RI Board of Governors for Higher Education
  • Cheryl Trudel, Executive Assistant/Operations Manager
  • Paul Witham, Director of Public Programming and Events


  • Program Committee (Bob Beagle, Paul Witham, Linda Acciardo, Andrea Hopkins, Winnie Brownell, and Andrea Hopkins)
  • Academic Symposia (Lynne Derbyshire, and Winnie Brownell, Co-Chairs)
  • Communications and Marketing (Linda Acciardo and Andrea Hopkins, Co-Chairs)
  • Student Participation (David Bedard and Tom Dougan, Co-Chairs)
  • Development and Fundraising (Laurie Onanian, and Mike Ryan, Co-chairs)
  • Facilities and Logistics (Paul Witham, and Harry Davis, Co-Chairs, Michelle Curreri, and Cheryl Trudel)

  • Transforming the World

    "It's a simple fact that the kinds of skills that the students are going to need for the future are the kinds of skills and experiences that are going to be hard to come by in the formal classroom. The goal of the modern university is to prepare students for things we don't yet know exist." -- David M. Dooley