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URI Providence Campus

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URI Providence Campus


BIS Index Page

Upcoming Course Schedules

Spring 2010

BIS 100/URI 101B  SOC 224 – for HSA majors
BIS 392 ECN 360 -- for HSA majors
BIS 399 HSA 380
  HSA 480

 Summer 2010

BIS 397/BIS 398
    - online course offered for the Alternate Session (10 weeks)
HSA 380
BIS 399 HSA 480

Fall 2010

BIS 100/URI 101B HSA 360
BIS 390 HSA 480
BIS 399  

New Student Orientation

Each fall and spring term, CCE holds an orientation program designed specifically to meet the needs of new students. Students have the opportunity to interact with other new students and with faculty, staff and current students. In addition, they will learn about resources especially designed to help adult students succeed in their education.

General Education Program Changes as of Fall 2004

Beginning with the Fall of 2004, there are substantial changes to the General Education program.  However, these changes do not affect all students.  Those students admitted as of the Fall 2004 term will be subject to the new General Education Program.

Students readmitted as of the Fall 2004 term will also be subject to the new General Education Program.  If readmitted students wish to be bound by an earlier General Education program, they will need to appeal to the BIS Scholastic Standing Committee.

Students admitted to a degree program prior to Fall 2004 who have been attending classes continuously (have not taken a leave of absence), will follow the general education requirements that were in existence at the time the students were admitted.

If you are unsure whether these new changes pertain to you, contact your advisor.

To see the list of courses that have been approved for the new General Education program, go to 

The BIS Senior Seminars (BIS 390, BIS 391, and BIS 392) will continue to be required for BIS students to fulfill the Social Sciences (S), the Natural Sciences (N), and the Letters (L) categories.