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BIS Applied Communications Major

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Students interested in the broad field of applied communications will be interested in this major. It allows a student, working with an advisor, to design an individual program that must then be approved by the program coordinator.

Communications Core (24 credits). These courses, all at or above the 200 level, must be chosen from communication studies, journalism, and writing (or ENG 205, 305) with 12 credits from one department and six credits from each of the other two. Prerequisite communications courses are COM 100 and WRT 105.

Methodology Course (3 credits). Students select one of the following:  COM 381, 382, 383, HDF 202, PSY 300, or STA 308.

Major Seminar (3 credits) Upon achieving senior status, students must take BIS 398 [capstone].

Area of Emphasis (15 credits). With the help of an advisor, students select 15 credits that will comprise an area of emphasis, which may be used either to further develop skills in communications or for study in related areas. The advisor and the BIS Coordinator must approve this area of emphasis by the beginning of the student's junior year.

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