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URI Providence Campus

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URI Providence Campus

BIS Senior Seminar - Planning Schedule

BIS Index Page

Two semesters prior to registering for BIS 399

  1. Check with your academic advisor to make sure all other course work is completed or will be completed by the semester you register for BIS 399.

One semester prior to registering for BIS 399

  1. Meet with BIS Coordinator to go over the scope of your proposed project.
  2. Identify a faculty advisor and where appropriate, a site supervisor,  who will work with you on your project.
  3. Complete a draft of the BIS 399 application and submit it to the faculty advisor and the BIS Coordinator for approval.
  4. As necessary, revise and resubmit the BGS399 application.

Semester of BIS 399 project

  1. Register for BIS 399 (the BIS Coordinator will give you a permission number once your proposal has been accepted).
  2. Attend regular meetings with your faculty advisor and site supervisor (as appropriate).
  3. At least one week before the end of the semester, submit a copy of the final product to your faculty advisor to be graded, and a copy (on a disk) to the BIS Coordinator for the files.