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For more information:

URI Providence Campus

80 Washington Street

Providence, RI 02903

Phone: 401-277-5000

URI Providence Campus

Writing Workshops

For registration information please contact Barbara Hogg at 401-277-5200 or by email at

Download Professional Development Registration Form 

* Register for both writing workshops and save 10%

Grant Writing

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Thursday, September 24, 2009
Monday, November 30, 2009

Registration Fee: $180.00 (* $162 register for both)

Everything you need to know to write a successful grant:

  • isolate objectives
  • cover project essentials
  • create an effective summary and statement of need
  • determine what belongs in your budget statement
  • find out how to locate grant funders

Workshop Program Overview

  1. Plan content
  2. Search for data & resources
  3. Write & package a proposal
  4. Submit proposal to a funder
  5. Follow-up


  1. Define what you’re asking for and your project (what do you want; what do you want to do?)
  2. Clarify the purpose of your project (why do you want to do it?)
  3. Define the scope of your work to focus your funding search (how will it get done?)
  4. Determine the broad project goals: identify the specific objectives that define how you will focus the work to accomplish your goals.

Search for funders: public and private sectors (source lists, tips, internet access for searches).

Writing the proposal

Critical elements: 1. Structure 2. Specifications
  3. Concise, persuasive writing 4. Reasonable budget

How to organize and write:

  • Executive Summary
  • Statement of Need
  • Content – the guts of the request, including impact, bottom-line, background, and links to funder
    interests- Writing checklist: proofreading, style, visual design
  • Budget


The follow-up

Business Writing

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Thursday, October 1, 2009
Monday, December 12, 2009

Registration Fee: $180.00 (* $162 register for both)


Create action-oriented documents that communicate more effectively and produce results....

  • Drive action through more readable, clear, and direct business letters, emails, memos, marketing
    letters, and technical reports.
  • Use a 5-step process to save time and increase efficiency.

  • This full-day program will meet from 9:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m. at the URI/Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Continuing Education, 80 Washington Street, Pmrovidence, RI 02903.
  • Course fee includes course handouts, computer access to Microsoft Word 2007 for hands-on
    writing practice, and free parking.
  • A certificate will be distributed upon completion of this workshop.

Workshop Program:


Step 1 Analyze situation and
Focus on purpose and goal
Adopt your reader’s perspective
Step 2 Develop a quick strategy
for content by generating

Create an outline of reader’s questions
Use brainstorming to generate ideas
(Develop a visual strategy for content)

Step 3 • Headlines
• Sequencing
Use headlines to develop a personal template
Sequence content: Conclusions up front!
Step 4 Draft Generate sentences under broad headlines
Write! (Resist editing)
Step 5 Edit:
• Relevancy and
• Language as action
• Maintain consistency
• Visual Design
• Proofread
Streamline over-long sentences
Simplify: one sentence, one idea
Replace passive voice with active voice
Avoid stuffy, academic language and technical clichés
Format: Bolding, Bullets, Blank Space
Energize Email
Proofread: Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Pronoun agreement,
Parallelism, and Tone (especially in email)


We can deliver and customize these workshops for your organization.