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For more information:

URI Providence Campus

80 Washington Street

Providence, RI 02903

Phone: 401-277-5000

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Staff Directory

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Albanese, Joseph Title: Senior Janitor
Room: 008A
Email: joseph_albanese@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5030
Ayers, Toby, PhD Title: Executive Director, RICJ
Room: 436
Email: tobya@etal.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-467-1717 ext. 102



Babson, Amanda Room: 34C
Email: ababson@gso.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-874-6015
Balestracci, Kate Title: Research Associate II
Room: 300
Email: katebr@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5234
Barbier, Vincent Title: Post Doc
Room: 334B
Email: vbarbier.uri@gmail.com
Befumo, Christina M. Title: Lab Manager Biotech Center
Room: 302 I
Email: cbefumo@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5219
Benoit, Roland Room: 100
Telephone: 401-277-5155
Birch, Bruce Title: Fiscal Clerk, Special Programs
Room: 208
Email: bruce_birch@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5097
Bodah, Matt Title: Grad. Prof. Ctr.
Room: 208
Email: mbodah@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5204
Bolotow, Tammy Title: Academic Skills Center
Room: 239A
Email: tamb@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5221
Ed Bozzi Title: Co-Coordinator Biotech Program
Room: 302G
Email: ebozzi@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5212
Notes: Assistant Clinical Professor of Chemistry
Briden, Bill Title: Math Tutor
Room: 239
Telephone: 401-277-5221
Budgell, Maria Title: Information Technologist/Media
            & Technology Services Evening Supervisor
Room: 327
Email: Mbudgell@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5044
Burkhardt, Joanna Title: Director, Library
Room: 101
Email: jburkhardt@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5133
Butler, Donna E. Title: Principal Clerk Stenographer
Room: 206
Email: donnab@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5075



Carroll, Deborah Title: Coordinator of Student Affairs CCE
Room: 245
Email: dcarroll@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5465
Caswell, Brian Room: 008
Telephone: 401-277-5269
CCRI Office Title: Information
Room: 314
Telephone: 401-277-5197
Cerrito, Juliann Title: Classified Librarian
Room: 101
Email: julcer@uri.edu
Telephone: 277-5135
Cestaro, Linda M. Title: Data Control Clerk
Room: 205
Email: lcestaro@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5096
Champlain, Dennis Title: Web Developer / Graphic Designer
Room: 206A
Email: dchamplain@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5174
Charpentier, Kristin Title: Teacher, CDC
Room: 139
Email: klam@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5416
Ciccomascolo, Lori Title: Dean
Room: 206
: lecicco@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5080
Cimini, Maria Title: Research Associate, Hunger Center
Room: 302
Telephone: 401-277-5472
Claudino, Jennifer L. Title: Fiscal Clerk
Room: 205
Email: jclaudino@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5092
Clifford, Stephen Title: Psychologist
Room: 303
Telephone: 401-277-5180
Community Research
and Services Team
Room: 224, 235, 236
Telephone: 401-277-5492
Connor, Narfretta Title: Community Nutrition Assistant
Room: 300
Email: nconnor@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5275
Coppola, Edward Title: Assistant Building & Grounds Officer
Room: 325
Email: eco@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5179
Critcher, Jennifer Title: Associate Director
Room: 302E
Email: jcritcher.uri@gmail.com



Davis, Edward Title: Housekeeper
Room: 008
Email: edavis@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5030
DeCesare, Catherine Title: History Coordinator
: 253
Email: cdecesare@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5240
Course Number(s): HIS 146, 362
DeGroot, Annie

Title: Research Professor and Director
Room: 302-I
Email: annied@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5408
Notes: Institute for Immunology and Informatics

Dolan, Christine Title: Education Specialist II
Room: 208
Email: christine@uri.edu
Telephone: 277-5388
Donohue, Michael Title: University Police Lieutenant
Email: ltmike@uri.edu
Telephone: 277-5452
Doughty, Teresa Title: Teacher
Room: Child Development Center
Telephone: 277-5264



Evans, Adria Title: Lecturer
Room: 245
: adria@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5038



Fast, Tessa Title: Juvenile Justice Coordinator I
Room: 436
Email: tessafast@ricj.org
Telephone: 401-467-1717 x 1
Fernandes, Zena Title: Information Services Technician II
Room: 206
: zenalee@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5162
Florin, Paul Title: FCCE Psychology Coordinator
: 236
: pflorin@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5302
Folz, Amy Title: Evening Coordinator, Student Services
Room: 125
Email: amyfolz@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5017
Fontaine, Jay Title: Psychologist
Room: 303
Telephone: 401-277-5180



Gallagher, Patricia Title: Director, Testing Services
Room: 303
: pgallagher@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5180
Gallison, Ray Title: Coordinator, College Readiness
Room: 421
Telephone: 401-277-5304
Garcia, Nataly Title: Bookstore Clerk
Room: 211
Email: nat@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5120
Gazerro, Gayla Title: Scholarship Coord./Financial Aid Advisor
Room: 204
Email: gayla@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5236
Gonzalez, Victor Title: Senior Information Technologist
Room: 327
Email: vgon@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5459
Goodrich, Kevin Title: Enrollment Services Officer
Room: 205
Email: goody@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5091
Gorbea, Rebekah Title: Juvenile Justice Coordinator II
Room: 436
Email: rebekahgorbea@ricj.org
Telephone: 401-467-1717 x 1
Grossman, Mark Title: Graduate Professional Center
Room: 208
: mmgrossman@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5204
Gutierrez, Lizeth Title: Community Nutrition Assistant
Room: 300
Telephone: 401-277-5392



Hagen, Benjamin Title: Coordinator, English
Room: 250
Email: bhagen516@gmail.com
Telephone: 401-277-5160
Hall, Delia Title: Teacher, Dr. Pat Feinstein Child Development Center
Room: 139
Email: delia@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5264
Hetzler, Heidi Title: Research Associate II
Room: 300
Email: heidihetzler@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5043
Hernandez, Cesarina Title: Word Processing Typist
Room: 245
Email: cessieh@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5163
Hogg, Barbara Title: Senior Word Processing Typist
Room: 208
Email: bbb@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5200
Holmes, Melissa Title: Research Associate II
Room: 300
Email: mholmes@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5260
Houllahan, Roberta Title: Community Nutrition Assistant
Room: 300
Telephone: 401-277-5393
Howard, Andree Title: Teacher, CDC
Room: 139
Email: andreehoward@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5264
Hubbard, Anne Title: Coordinator, BIS Program
Room: 245
Email: ahubbard@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5305



Izzo-Ricci, Betty Title: Senior Word Processing Typist
Room: 125
: bettyir@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5384



Jacquard, Kathleen Title: Executive Assistant II
Room: 206
Email: kjacquard@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5489
Johnson, Heather Title: Coordinator - iCubed
Room: 302L
Email: hjohnson.uri@gmail.com
Telephone: 401-277-5149
Johnson, Jeffrey Title: Academic Advisor
Room: 245
Email: jeff_johnson@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5188
Jolicoeur, Ken Title: Academic Advisor
Room: 208
: ken@etal.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5057



Khare, Meenakshi Title: COBRE Core Manager
Room: 332
Email: mkhare.uri@gmail.com
Telephone: 401-277-5229
Klitz, Barbara Title: RI School of Cytotechnology, Program Coordinator
Room: 320E
Email: bgk@etal.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5210
Kosmider, Alexia Title: Academic Skills Center
Room: 239
: akosmo@etal.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5220
Kulenović, Reshad Title: Coordinator, Film Media
Room: 230
Email: reshadkulenovic@gmail.com
Telephone: 401-277-5160



Lamoureux, Charlene Title: Senior Enrollment Services Representative
Room: 205
: clamoureux@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5098
Lancelotta, Lisa Title: Coordinator, MBA Programs
Room: 208
: mba@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5203
Lang, Diane Title: LVIP Lab Manager
Room: 334
: mba@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5480
Lee, John W. Title: Graduate Research Assistant
Room: 236
: jwlee34@aol.com
Telephone: 401-277-5491
Lennon, William Title: Campus Patrol Person
Room: 100
Telephone: 401-277-5155
Lepe, Silvia Title: Research Assistant I
Room: 300
Telephone: 401-277-5469
Lewis, Allan Title: Senior Information Technologist, Media & Technology Services
Room: 301A
Email: alewis@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5198
Liu, Rui Title: Post-Doctoral Fellow - iCubed
Room: 302K
Email: ruiliu.uri@gmail.com
Telephone: 401-277-5224
Lohman-Payne, Barbara Title: Assistant Research Professor
Room: 332
Email: b.lohman.payne@gmail.com
Telephone: 401-277-5131



Maceia, Tawanda

Title: Information Services Technician I
Room: 101
Email: tmaceia@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5134

Martin, Barbara-Anne Title: Research Associate I
Room: 332
Email: martin.barbaraanne73@gmail.com
Telephone: 401-277-5224
Martino, Artie Title: Information Services Technician II
Room: 101
Email: martino@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5136
Mattiucci, Frank Title: Professional Development Coordinator
Room: 208
: fmattiucci@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5477
Mayberry, Katelyn Title: Community Nutrition Assistant
Room: 300
Telephone: 401-277-5461
Medin, Carey Title: Assistant Research Professor
Room: 334D
Email: cmedin.uri@gmail.com
Telephone: 401-277-5252
Metuge, Princess Title: Career Advisor
Room: 125
Email: princess_metuge@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5015
Mohab, Ali Title: Research Associate / Contract Associate Dir
Room: 302K
Email: doctormohab@gmail.com
Moise, Leonard Title: Asst. Research Prof. Assoc. Dir
Email: moise@epivax.com
Telephone: 401-277-5254
Molloy, Scott Title: Labor Research Lecturer
Room: 208
Telephone: 401-277-5204
Monteiro, Monty J. Title: CCRI Downcity Site Supervisor
Room: 314
Email: mmonteiro33@ccri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5197
Morris, Benjamin Title: Fiscal Clerk
Room: 302F
Email: bmorris.uri@gmail.com
Telephone: 401-277-5259
Mulligan, Katie Title: Research Associate III
Room: 300
Email: kmulligan@etal.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5274



Nero, Andrea Title: Research Associate III
Room: 300
: anero@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5272
Nunez, Andres Gutierrez Title: Research Assistant - iCubed
Room: 302K
Email: anunez.uri@gmail.com
Telephone: 401-277-5224



O'Leary, John Title: Director, Special Programs
Room: 208A
: joleary@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5054
Ogni, Debbie Title: Scientific Research Grant Assistant
Room: 300
Email: dogni@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5270
Oliver, Mark Title: Manager, IT Support
Room: 241
: opus@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5258
Oun, Chanthy Title: Community Nutrition Assistant
Room: 300
Telephone: 401-277-5189



Palmidessi, Christine

Title: Coord./Italian Americana
Room: 208
Telephone: 401-277-5306

Paolino, Paula Title: Research Associate II
Room: 300
Telephone: 401-277-5391
Paquette, Gregory Title: Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Medical Laboratory Sciences, and Providence Biotechnology Center
Room: 208
: gpaquette@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5208
Parisi, Mary Title: Research Associate I
Room: 300
Telephone: 401-277-5469
Pennell, Steven Title: Coordinator of Urban Arts and Culture
Room: 214
: spennell@etal.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5206
Course Number(s)
: THE100
Petronio, Vince Title: Coordinator Communication Studies
Room: 253
Email: petronio@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5160
Pion, James Title: Campus Patrol Person
Room: 100
Telephone: 401-277-5155
Posada, Luz Title: Research Associate III
Room: 300
Telephone: 401-277-5276
Pritchard, Connie Title: Coordinator, Finish What You Started Program
Room: 245
Email: cpritchard@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-0404
Procopio, Joanna Title: Research Associate II
Room: 300
Email: joanna_procopio@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5391



Quina, Kathryn Title: Associate Dean, FCCE
Room: 245
Email: kquina@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5468



Renzi, Robert Title: Campus Patrol Person
Room: 100
: brenz1@loa.com
Telephone: 401-277-5155
Ricci, Betty Title: Senior Word Processing Typist
Room: 125
Email: bettyir@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5384
Riccio, Gino Title: Campus Patrol Person
Room: 100
Email: gino_riccio@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5155
Rivero, Christina Title: Youth Director
Room: 436
Email: leadership@ricj.org
Telephone: 401-467-1717 x 103
Roark, Diane M. Title: Higher Education Finance Preaudit Clerk
Room: 205
Email: dmr@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5095
Robinson, Joy Title: Community Nutrition Assistant
Room: 300
Email: spiritual@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5285
Rothman, Alan Title: Research Professor
Room: 334D
Email: arothman.uri@gmail.com
Telephone: 401-277-5419
Rutherford, Brett

Title: Coordinator, Distance Learning
Room: 227
Email: brutherford@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5249



Sebelia, Linda Title: Education Specialist IV
Room: 300
: sebelia@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5270
Stanley, Mary L. Title: LEAP Coordinator
Room: 246
: mstanley@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5036
Surrette, Soledade Title: Director of Finance & Administration
Room: 205
: sas@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5077 FAX: 5100



Tassone, Ryan Title: Research Associate I
Room: 302D
Email: rtassone.uri@gmail.com
Taylor, Carolyn Title: Graduate Assistant, Writing Tutor
Room: 257
: success@etal.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5239
Tella, Annie Title: Sr. Word Processing Typist
Room: 208
: atella@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5050
Thorsen, Kathleen Title: Information Aide, Scheduling Office
Room: 325A
Email: akthorsen@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5079
Tondra, Stephen Title: Central Mailroom Clerk
Room: 007A
: sto@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5265
Travison, Al Title: Campus Patrol Person
Room: 100
Telephone: 401-277-5155
Travison, Jeffrey Title: Campus Patrol Person
Room: 100
Telephone: 401-277-5155





Vito, David Title: Asst. Professor/Coord.
Room: 208
Email: drvito@ccri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5204



Warner, Tammy Vargas Title: Urban Initiative Coord/Academic Advising
Room: 245
Email: tammyvw@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5039
Weygand, Robert Title: Director, Master of Public Admin. Program
Room: 227
Email: boww@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5166
Wilder, Ailey Title: Youth Coordinator
Room: 436
Email: aileywilder@ricj.org
Telephone: 401-467-1717 x 103
Winchester, Suzy Title: Research Associate IV
Room: 229
Email: suzy_winchester@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5193
Wrobel, Andrew Title: Psychology Advisor
Room: 254, 303
Email: physiopsych@yahoo.com
Telephone: 401-277-5165






Young, Leisa E. Title: Director, Student Services
Room: 125
Email: leisa_young@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5246



Zelazo, Amanda Title: Information Technologist
Room:  301A
Email: abpz25@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5209