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For more information:

URI Providence Campus

80 Washington Street

Providence, RI 02903

Phone: 401-277-5000

URI Providence Campus

Computer Lab Reservation Form - Providence Campus

Contact Maria Budgell
Phone: 401-277-5290
Fax: 401-277-5293
Email: mbudgell@uri.edu

If you would like to reserve a Windows-based computer lab (either Room 301C or 301D), or the multimedia lab (Room 326) to teach your class, please fill in the form below.

Note: Completion of this form does not guarantee that the lab will be available on the date(s) or time(s) requested. Please wait for confirmation.

Questions marked with a * are required.

*Home/Cell Phone:
*Work Phone:
*Which lab are you requesting?
*Day(s)/Time(s) you will need the lab:
Enter alternative date(s) and time (s) should the original date(s) or times(s) you requested not be unavailable.
   Alternative Date(s) and Time(s):
   Agency sponsoring event (if applicable):
   Type of agency
If State/URI Funded or Private, please contact Mark Oliver opus@uri.edu for rates.