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Film Media (FLM)

Sample Course Descriptions

101 Introduction to Film Media (3)
Introduction to techniques of film practice, film history, genres, analysis of film texts, and reading of film images in their aesthetic, cultural, and literary context

110 Introduction to Film Media Production Technologies (4)
Introduction to single-camera field production styles and aesthetics with emphasis on camera operation, lighting and editing by means of fundamental critical studies, field projects, studio supervision and experience.

203 Film Theory (3)
An introductory survey of classical and contemporary approaches to film theory and criticism.

204 History of Film I (3)
A survey of world cinema from its invention in the 1890s to the early 1950s, examining the production, distribution, and exhibition of narrative, documentary, and experimental among other forms of film.

205 History of Film II (3)
A survey of world cinema from the 1950s to the present time, examining the production, distribution, and exhibition of narrative, documentary, and experimental among other forms of film.

351 Topics in Film Media Production (4)
Application of one or more production technologies in film media genres and analysis of their aesthetic implications.

352 Topics in Film Media Critical Studies (4)
Critical examination of historical, theoretical and aesthetic topics in world cinema.

401 Field Experience in Film Media (1-6)
Structured academic work in a business, industry, educational, or agency setting under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

451 Advanced Topics in International Film Media (4)
Study of international film genres from one or more national, regional, or diasporic cultures and traditions. Emphases on theoretical, historiographic, and media research methods.

491 Directed Studies in Film Media (1-6)
Directed study for students wanting to do advanced work in film media. Individual research and reports on problems of special interest

495 Seminar in Film Media (3)
An intensive, interdisciplinary capstone course; exploring writings and ideas about film across two or more fields of study; or examining cross-cultural themes and issues in world cinema.


The following are related courses in other departments which count toward both the film media major and minor.

African and African-American Studies
352 Black Images in Film

204 Digital Art and Design I
215 Video and Filmmaking I

Art History
374 Topics in Film
376 History of Animation
377 History of Experimental Film

Communication Studies
341 Documentary Film Pre-Production
342 Documentary Film Production
346 Social and Cultural Aspects of Media
414 Rhetoric of Sports in Film
445 Media Advertising

205D Creative Writing: Screen Writing
245 Introduction to Film Decades
300A Literature into Film: Drama
300B Literature into Film: Narrative
302 Topics in Film Theory and Criticism
303 Cinematic Auteurs
304 Film Genres
305D Advanced Creative Writing: Screenwriting
451 Advanced Topics in International Film Media

110 Introduction to the Mass Media
230 Introduction to Radio and Television News

Women’s Studies
350 Special Topics: Women & Film