PSA Members Administrative Excellence Award Winners

1975 to 2002


 Excellence Award Winner


 Polly Matzinger, Director of Publications (deceased)


 Jane Dow, Manager, General Accounting Office (retired)


 Charles Hooker, Director of Photo, Radio and TV (resigned)


 Leo F. DiMaio, Director, SPTD (retired)


 Sheila Black Grubman, Faculty Senate


 Joyce Allen, Deans Office, College of Arts & Sciences


 Jane M. Stich, Dean's Office, College of Business (PSA since award)


 J. Eugene Knott, Director, Counseling Center (member before award)


 Bette L. Erickson, Specialist, Instructional Development Program
Glenn R. Erickson, Director, Instructional Development Program


 Richard Vandeputte, Assistant Dean, College of Engineering


 Jon Blaney, Business Manager, College of Arts & Sciences


 Marjorie McMahon, Associate Registrar


 Eileen M. Tierney, Curator, Media Resource Center

Kim Bissonette, Athletic Therapist, Keaney Gym