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Radiation Safety Office

Radiation Safety Committee

The University of Rhode Island operates under a Type A broad scope license issued by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

The University uses a Radiation Safety Committee, Radiation Safety Officer, and criteria developed and submitted in the license application and approved by Department of Health during the licensing process, to review and approve all uses and users under the license.

The Radiation Safety Committee authorizes specific individuals to acquire and use radioactivity and/or radiation sources.

Current Members

  • Dr. Clinton Chichester, Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Chairman
  • Ms. Barbara Ray, Coordinator of Hazardous Materials & Chemical Waste
  • Dr. Theodore Myatt, Director Research Integrity, Research Department
  • Dr. Bradley Moran, Associate Professor of Oceanography
  • Mr. Roger Kelly, Marine Research Associate II
  • Dr. Gongqin Sun, Assistant Professor of Cell & Molecular Biology
  • Mr. Michael J. Platek, Electrical Engineering
  • Dr. Joel Chandlee, Associate Professor of Cell & Molecular Biology
  • Dr. Anthony Nunes, Professor of Physics
  • Mr. Andrew Clapham, Chemistry Department
  • Dr. Mary-Lynn Dickson, Manager, NBC/Marine Science Services
  • Mr. Stephen Guarino, Radiation Safety Officer

about us

Radiation Safety
Office: Narragansett Bay Campus
16 Reactor Road
Narragansett, RI 02882
Ph: 401.789.9391
Fax: 401.782.4201

Sangho Nam
Radiation Safety Officer

Constance Hathaway
Health Physicist