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Rainville Student Leadership Awards

2012 Recipients

Rainville Student Employee Award

2012 Student Employee Award Recipient

Joe Wilbur

Joseph Wilbur - is from West Greenwich, RI, and is a senior majoring in Political Science with a GPA of 3.0. He has worked for the Department of Recreational Services since his freshman year, first as an Event Supervisor and then as a Club Sports Office Manager/Home Events Supervisor, which he still currently holds. In this capacity, Joe manages $1.5 million in transactions annually for the 16 teams in the Club Sports program. When Joe stepped into this role, with no prior business training, he reviewed, updated, and changed many financial procedures and policies, streamlined processes, developed forms, and tightened procedures, in order to help the program run more efficiently and effectively. Teams that ran deficits in the past began to have significant surpluses, allowing them to spend their money on capital improvements, equipment, travel, and increased opportunities for competition. Joe oversees all Club Sports financial transactions, as well as processes most of the more than 400 requisitions per year. Additionally, Joe maintains contact with the 500+ student athletes involved with Club Sports, makes travel and competition arrangements, and is responsible for planning, organizing, and promoting fundraising events. One of Joe’s references states, “He is motivated to do the best, and help represent the University in an admirable way…Joe’s popularity and ability to communicate so effectively with students, coaches, administrators, donors, and vendors is why he has been such a valuable asset to the Club Sports program.” As a direct result of working in this position, Joe has changed his long-term goals, and now plans to pursue a career in Campus Recreation.


Rainville Student Leadership Award

2012 Student Leadership Award CO-Recipient

Anthony Aiudi

Anthony Aiudi – is a senior from Woonsocket, RI. earning a degree in Pharmacy while simultaneously completing the MBA program, with an outstanding GPA of 3.94. Despite this incredible academic challenge, Anthony has been an outstanding student leader, for his students that live in his residence hall as a senior Resident Assistant and as President of the Student Alumni Association. And those are only two of over 18 organizations that Anthony is involved in. He has also been an orientation leader, a URI 101 mentor, an Academic Enhancement Center Supplemental Instructor, and a URI Emergency Medical Services Volunteer EMT. On top of his leadership positions in student organizations Anthony has volunteered his time both on and off campus with organizations like Camp Sunshine, Relay for Life, Save the Bay, and the Rhode Island Food Bank. A reference for Anthony states, “On a personal level, I find Anthony to be a warm, open minded and gregarious person. He is beloved by students, and a role model for so many in so many ways it would be difficult to quantify. I believe he has made the lives of countless URI students better. Anthony is among the absolute best that the University of Rhode Island has to offer.”

Rainville Student Leadership Award

2012 Student Leadership Award CO-Recipient

David Coates

David Coates – maintains a 3.2 GPA as a senior Political Science major with a minor in Business. He is from North Providence, RI and has been involved on-campus since the summer prior to his freshman year as part of the Talent Development program. David has been involved in several organizations on campus with Student Senate being the focal point of his energies. Other organizations include URI Peer Advocates, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Intramurals. In speaking of his experiences, David states, “Throughout my URI education, and especially in my role as President of the Student Senate, I have learned the importance of listening, humility, the value of overcoming adversity and how to guide others similarly. I have worked hard to understand the meaning of inclusion and community building, and understand the issues that most critically ail the university that I love.” One of David’s references states, “His consistent efforts to create meaningful partnerships between the students, administration, faculty and staff have helped create substantial positive change at URI. He has worked hard to keep improving the culture of URI and ensure that all students were represented on campus. He has consistently worked to make sure students’ rights are protected, that any changes made at the University were positive as well as beneficial and that all members of the URI community were treated with respect.”


Rainville Student Leadership Award

2012 Robert L. Carothers Servant Leadership Award Recipient

Scott Andrews

Scott Andrews – is a senior from North Kingstown, RI. Passionate about addressing the root causes of poverty and homelessness, Scott writes “if we are going to make real change for Rhode Island, we need to enhance cooperation among change agents. I envision us volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in the morning and then advocating for affordable housing at the State House in the afternoon”. What makes Scott unique is that he actually does these things and more, all while maintaining a 3.99 GPA in Political Science, completing a minor in Leadership Studies and the Honors Program, and while serving as President of Habitat for Humanity and the College Democrats. One reference noted “in an age where young adults are often disconnected with civic engagement and political involvement, Mr. Andrews has a level of enthusiasm, confidence and optimism that is refreshing and inspiring.” Simply stated Scott leads by hands on example – he is first on the job site and last to leave – a true servant leader.


Rainville Team Excellence Award

2012 Team Excellence Award Recipients

URI Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association- is a group of high energy students who are full of school spirit and ready to spread it around campus. Their many successful programs are a result of their outstanding leadership and passion that they put into everything they do. Such programs as Rhody Rally and Oozeball are prime examples of how dedication and team work can produce events that bring students together with pride. SAA’s work doesn’t stop on campus either. They strive to help the outside community with events such as the Nearly Naked Mile that looks to bring awareness for homeless and impoverished people throughout Rhode Island. This team of 55 members exemplifies what it means to be a University of Rhode Island student with the countless hours spent trying to make this campus a better place for everyone else. Words such as synergy and integrity describe the executive board who lead by example and push to make everyone to do better. This campus would not be the same without SAA. As “students helping students” they focus on every group of students from those planning on attending the university, current students, and alumni wishing to come back and stay involved.


Important dates

Friday, December 12, 2014
Nominations Close

February 20, 2015
Application Deadline for Nominated Students, references and essays to Memorial Union, Room 210.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
27th Annual A. Robert Rainville Leadership Awards Ceremony and Banquet, Memorial Union Ballroom

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Awards Ceremony

Rainville Leadership Awards 2012 - Awards Ceremony