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Transtheoretical Model
Adolescent Stages of Change (Short Form)

"CPRC - A research organization dedicated to helping people change their behavior for living longer, healthier lives"

Smoking: Adolescent Stages of Change (Short Form)

Are you currently a smoker?

  • Yes, I currently smoke
  • No, I quit within the last 6 months (ACTION STAGE)
  • No, I quit more than 6 months ago (MAINTENANCE STAGE)
  • No, I have never smoked (NONSMOKER)

(For smokers only) In the last year, how many times have you quit smoking for at least 24 hours?

(For smokers only) Are you seriously thinking of quitting smoking?

  • Yes, within the next 30 days (PREPARATION STAGE if they have one 24-hour quit attempt in the past year - refer to previous question... if no quit attempt then CONTEMPLATION STAGE)
  • Yes, within the next 6 months (CONTEMPLATION STAGE)
  • No, not thinking of quitting (PRECONTEMPLATION STAGE)



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