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"CPRC - A research organization dedicated to helping people change their behavior for living longer, healthier lives"

The Organization

The URI Survey Research Center (SRC) was established in 1991 to meet the survey research needs of investigators at CPRC, the University of Rhode Island and elsewhere.

The SRC conducts mail, telephone and mixed-mode surveys.  In all projects conducted by the URI Survey Research Center, the goal is to provide the highest quality research services in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  The SRC has 30 operational workstations and a current staff of approximately 100 trained interviewers.   The SRC leadership include Robert Laforge, Sc.D., Director, Sara Cotrill, Ph.D. Assistant Director, Carol Neff, MA., Mail and Intervention Center Coordinator, and 10 supervisors and call managers.

To date, the vast majority of the business conducted at the Survey Research Center has involved data collection with large representative samples of the general population.   The SRC conducts mail questionnaire surveys, telephone interviewing, survey sample generation, subject tracking and follow-up, data management and data analysis.  Since its inception the SRC has conducted health behavior surveys with over 70,000 individuals.   Much of this work involved subject recruitment and longitudinal tracking for randomized clinical trials of health behavior interventions developed at the CPRC.   This work has been primarily funded through federal, foundation and private grants.

Contact the Survey Center at:

  • (401) 874-2830 
  • FAX (401) 874-5562

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