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Scenes from the Cancer Prevention Research Center

Abstract: Stages of Change and Decisional Balance for 12 Problem Behaviors

Authors: James O. Prochaska, Wayne F. Velicer, Joseph S. Rossi, Michael G. Goldstein, Bess H. Marcus, William Rakowski, Christine Fiore, Lisa L. Harlow, Colleen A. Redding, Dena Rosenbloom, and Susan R. Rossi

This integrative study investigated the generalization of the Transtheoretical model across 12 problem behaviors. The cross sectional comparisons involved relationships between two key constructs of the model, the stages of change and decisional balance. The behaviors studied were smoking cessation, quitting cocaine, weight control, high fat diets, adolescent delinquent behaviors, safer sex, condom use, sunscreen use, radon gas exposure, exercise acquisition, mammography screening, and physicians' preventive practices with smokers. Clear commonalities were observed across the 12 areas, including both the internal structure of the measures and the pattern of changes in decisional balance across stages.