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Smoking: Decisional Balance (Short Form)


The following statements represent different opinions about smoking. Please rate HOW IMPORTANT each statement is to your decision to smoke according to the following five point scale.

1 = Not important
2 = Slightly important
3 = Moderately important
4 = Very important
5 = Extremely important


1. Smoking cigarettes relieves tension.
2. I'm embarrassed to have to smoke.
3. Smoking helps me concentrate and do better work.
4. My cigarette smoking bothers other people.
5. I am relaxed and therefore more pleasant when smoking. box
6. People think I'm foolish for ignoring the warnings about cigarette smoking. box



PROS 1, 3, 5
CONS 2, 4, 6



Velicer, W.F., DiClemente, C.C., Prochaska, J.O., & Brandenberg, N. (1985). A decisional balance measure for assessing and predicting smoking status. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 48, 1279-1289.