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Scenes from the Cancer Prevention Research Center

Geoffrey W. Greene, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.N
Professor of Nutrition & Food Sciences, URI
Director of the Dietetic Internship, URI

Curriculum Vitae


Research Publications

Greene, G. W., Fey-Yensan, N., Padula, C., Rossi, S. R., Rossi, J. S., Clark, P. (in press)  Change in Fruit and Vegetable Intake over 24 Months in Older Adults: Results of the SENIOR Project Intervention.  The Gerontologist.

Anderson, W, Greene, G. W., Forse, RA, Apovan, CM, Istfan, NW.  (in press)  Differences between African Americans and Whites following gastric bypass surgery.  Obesity.

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Greene, G. W., Linda Nebeling, L, Greaney, ML, Lindsay, AC, Hardwick, C, Toobert, D, Resnicow, K, Williams, G, Elliot, D, Sher, TG, McGregor, HA, Domas, A, DeFrancesco, C, Peterson, KE (in press).  A qualitative study of a nutrition working group.  Health Promotion Practice.

Meier, KS, Rossi, JS, Redding, CA, Prochaska, JO, Pallonen, UE, Velicer, WF, Greene, G. W., Rossi, SR, Krebs, PM, Plummer, BA. (in press)  Teens and technology: Using tailored multimedia programs for population-based cancer prevention in high schools. Health Promotion Practice.

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Padula, CA, Rossi, S, Nigg, C, Lees, F, Fey-Yensan, N, Greene, G., Clark, P (2003)  Using Focus Groups for Instrument Development: Application of the Transtheoretical  Model to Fruit and Vegetable Behaviors of Older Adults.  Journal of Nutrition for the Elderly. 22:13-33.

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Extension and Trade Publications

Park A, NC219 Regional Research Team. (2004). Fruit & Vegetable Express Bites.  Interactive, stage-based website for increasing fruit and vegetable intakes with target audience of young adults. The F&V Express Bites Web site is now listed in the Food Stamp Nutrition Connection's data base of reviewed/recommended materials at:

Novembrino D, Greene G., Anderson B, Betts N, Boeckner L, Coleman G, Dayton S, Hedstrom N, Hoerr S, Horaceck T, Georgiou G, Johnson G, Kattlemen K, Kritsch K, Knous B, Nitzke S, Oakland MJ, Phillips B, Ruud J, Schuster E, Sebelia L, Shafer K, Stotts J, White A. (2003).  The F & V Connection to feeling good and looking hot. University of Rhode Island, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, USDA-CSREES, 2003.  The F&V Connection magazine is now listed at:

NC219 Regional Research Team. (2002).   F&V Connection Fruit and Vegetable Newsletters

Greene, G.  Child malnutrition in the U.S.:  Challenges for community nutrition programs.  Nutrition Letter 4(2):1, 1986.

Karp, R., Scholl, T., & Greene G.  Economic, cultural and social pressures to malnutrition among urban children in the United States.  Public Health Currents 25(3):11, 1985.


Book Chapters

Greene, G. and Redding, C.  Behavioral Theory-Based Research.  In E. Monsen (Ed.)  Research Successful Approaches 3rd Ed.  American Dietetic Association, Chicago IL, (in press).

Greene, G. and Blake, A.  Behavioral Theory-Based Research.  In E. Monsen (Ed.)  Research Successful Approaches 2nd Ed.  American Dietetic Association, Chicago IL, 2004.