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Scenes from the Cancer Prevention Research Center

Janet L. Johnson, Ph.D.

Director, Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc.
Adjunct Assistant Professor, CPRC, URI



Research Publications

Wallace, L.M., Evers, K.E., Wareing, H., Dunn, O.M., Newby, K., Paiva, A., & Johnson, J.L. (2007).  Informing school sex education using the Stages of Change construct: Sexual behaviour and attitudes towards sexual activity and condom use of children aged 13-16 in England. Journal of Health Psychology, 12, 179-183.

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Cummins, C.O., Evers, K.E., Johnson, J.L., Paiva, A., Prochaska, J.O., and Prochaska, J.M. (2004) Assessing stage of change and informed decision making for internet participation in health promotion and disease management.  Managed Care Interface, 17, 27-32.

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