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Scenes from the Cancer Prevention Research Center

Kerry E. Evers, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, CPRC, URI
Director of Health Behavior Change Projects, Pro-Change Behavior Systems, L.L.C.



Referred Research Publications

Evers, K.E., Harlow, L.L., Redding, C.A., & LaForge, R.G. (1998). Longitudinal changes in stages of change for condom use in women. American Journal of Health Promotion, 13 (1), 19-25.

Evers, K.E., Bishop, C.H., Gerhan, L.S., & Weisse, C.S. (1997). AIDS educator effectiveness as a function of sexual orientation and HIV status. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 27 (10), 902-914.

Redding, C.A., Prochaska, J.O., Pallonen, U.E., Rossi, J.S., Velicer, W.F., Rossi, S.R., Greene, G., Meier, K., Evers, K.E., Plummer, B.A. & Maddock, J.E. (1999). Transtheoretical individualized multimedia expert systems targeting adolescents’ health behaviors. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 6(2), 144-153.


Book Chapters

Prochaska, J.O., Redding, C.A., & Evers, K. (1997). The Transtheoretical Model. In K. Glantz, F.M. Lewis, & B.K. Rimer (Eds.) Health Behavior and Health Education: Theory, Research, and Practice, 2nd edition. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, Inc.