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Scenes from the Cancer Prevention Research Center

Survey Center: Physical & Operational Characteristics


The CPRC Survey Center consists of a mail questionnaire survey unit, a telephone interview survey center, and a data entry/data processing unit. Data management capabilities include optical scanning data entry and a computerized subject tracking system, which allows for efficient tracking of subjects in mixed mode (mail/telephone, telephone/in-person) surveys. These facilities are housed in the CPRC building on the URI campus. 

The telephone survey center is located in a large (1300 sq. ft.) room specially designed for conducting telephone survey interviews. There are 30 telephone workstations, each capable of interview monitoring for training, in service, and quality control evaluation. Four additional 486 class computers are used for project monitoring and supervisor functions. The CPRC has two Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) systems, operating on Windows NT server local area network. The workstations are modular pods with an IBM compatible PC 386 33MHz (or better) microcomputer connected to the local area network. Each station is a private acoustic paneled enclosed workspace and desk with an adjustable height computer keyboard shelf, and each has as a headset telephone for hands free telephone interviewing. The survey center is equipped with a voice terminal system for monitoring telephone survey interview quality. The survey supervisor's office is adjacent to the survey center, with a common entrance way and a large window overlooking the survey center's workstations.


Contact the Survey Center at:

  • (401) 874-2830 
  • FAX (401) 874-5562

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