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Survey Center: Quality Assurance Procedures


Quality control of the interviewing process is maintained by ongoing monitoring and training of the interviewers.  Monitoring is conducted continuously by using two basic procedures.  First, daily, weekly, monthly, and cumulative tallies of completion rates, refusal rates, completions per hour, and other survey dispositions are kept on all interviewers.  These data are used to identify and intervene on interviewers who need additional training in specific areas, such as in introducing or explaining the importance of the study.  Also, aggregate statistics are compiled and provide an overall measure of performance across critical dimensions for the interviewing staff as a whole.

 Second, nterviews are monitored randomly by a supervisor, and each interview is scored on a number of standardized interviewing techniques and recorded on a standardized evaluation form.  These data also are used to provide feedback to the interviewer to improve the quality of the telephone interview.  In-service training sessions are conducted at least monthly for all interviewers to address specific problem areas or as a refresher course on basic interviewing techniques.  Prior to the start up of each new survey, extensive training is conducted to discuss study specific survey protocols.


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