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Scenes from the Cancer Prevention Research Center

Survey Center: Sample Management


Since its opening in September 1991, the SRC has completed mixed mode (mail and telephone) interviews on approximately 70,000 respondents to longitudinal and cross-sectional (RDD) surveys. In 1997 the SRC had four on going longitudinal research studies in which approximately 14,000 subjects are being followed for 3 years.  The SRC has developed a computerized tracking system which assists with mixed mode tracking and data management. In the longitudinal studies subjects who do not return the mail questionnaire within two weeks of mailing are contacted by the telephone survey center for a telephone interview.  The Survey center has consistently achieved high response rates for RDD and follow up studies, typically from 75 to 92 % for RDD studies and approximately 85% for the follow up studies.  Dropout and refusal rates from longitudinal studies are typically less than 5% per contact period.


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