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The Rhode Island Genomics and Sequencing Center (RIGSC) was established to provide technical and analytical support for molecular biology and genomics research at the University of Rhode Island and all RI EPSCoR institutions. The mission of the RIGSC is to facilitate interdisciplinary genomics research and undergraduate and graduate student training opportunities by providing researchers access to cutting-edge technologies in the field of genomics.

Photo at right shows bacterial cells in the mucus of the mouse cecum observed in a cryostat section cut from unfixed-frozen tissue. (Courtesy of Dr. Paul Cohen, CMB, URI)

Graphic shown below is an amplification plot from a Quantitative-PCR assay.

  Bacterial cells in the mucus of the mouse cecum

Amplification plot from a Quantitative-PCR assay using the Stratagene Mx4000

  The RIGSC offers services in robotic sample preparation, DNA sequencingfragment analysis , real-time quantitative PCR and the identification of microbial species and phenotypes. We also provide imaging services using transmitted light, epifluorescence, and laser scanning confocal microscopy, as well as cryostat sectioning of frozen specimens. Investigators are encouraged to contact us to incorporate our services into your research and teaching needs.

The RIGSC is available to students, staff, and faculty at URI, as well as non-URI researchers. Please see our Services menu for detailed information on sample preparation, submission instructions, equipment use and any fees. The Equipment menu provides a list of our equipment and specifications. Please consult our Calendar for equipment and service availability and to make a reservation (approved users only). Training is required for all users prior to operating equipment in the RIGSC. Contact the RIGSC manager for additional information or to schedule a training session on any piece of equipment.

Photo at right shows image of a biofilm formed by the prokaryote, Flavobacterium columnare, as observed with epifluorescence using the laser scanning confocal microscope. (Image courtesy of Dr. Andrew Staroscik and Dr. David Nelson, CMB, URI)


Amplification plot from a Quantitative-PCR assay using the Stratagene Mx4000

Acknowledgement of Support and Disclaimer

The RIGSC acknowledges the support of the National Science Foundation (MRI Grant No. DBI-0215393 and EPSCoR Grant No. 0554548 & EPS-1004057), the US Department of Agriculture (Grant Nos. 2002-34438-12688, 2003-34438-13111, and 2008-34438-19246), and the University of Rhode Island.

We request that our clients please use this statement when acknowledging use of the RIGSC: "This research is based in part upon work conducted using the Rhode Island Genomics and Sequencing Center which is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under EPSCoR Grants Nos. 0554548 & EPS-1004057."

Disclaimer: Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the RIGSC and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Imaging DNA, genes and cells for genomics research
Imaging DNA, genes and cells for genomics research


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