Special Graduate Certificate Application Instructions for MPA or MBA Students

The Schmidt labor Research Center offers two Graduate Certificates:

Labor Relations Certificate

Human Resources Certificate

Some students matriculating in other graduate programs supplement their professional education by earning one of the SLRC Graduate Certificates while earning their MPA, MBA or MS degrees. Depending on the number of free electives in your program, you may be able to earn a graduate certificate without taking additional courses. It is your responsibility to check with your graduate program advisor to develop a program of study for your MPA, MBA or MS degree.

Here are some guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions regarding earning a graduate certificate while matriculating in a MPA, MBA, or MS program.

  1. You must apply separately for either the Labor Relations or Human Resources Certificate program.
    1. Use the same application procedure you used for applying to the graduate school for your MPA, MBA or MS program. Click here
    2. For step-by-step application instructions, click here
    3. You do not have to supply transcripts again. We have access to the transcripts you supplied for your graduate degree.
    4. If you are applying for a graduate certificate program and paid the graduate application fee within the past 3 years, the application fee will be waived. The new online application system is not yet programmed to recognize applicants who have previously paid a graduate application fee. If the second fee waiver policy applies to you, please contact Shandra Pelagio (shandra_pelagio@mail.uri.edu) at the Graduate School to waive the application fee after starting the application, but before submitting your application.
    5. You do not have to request reference letters, however you will have to put an email address in the reference section of the electronic application. Simply put your own email address.
  2. Once your have submitted your application, you will be blocked from registering for courses on eCampus until an admission decision is made by the Graduate School. Therefore, if you are applying close to the beginning of a semester, make sure you can complete all portions of the application and all application support documents arrive in time for a decision prior to the first day of classes. Please allow two weeks for the application to be processed once all material is received. Alternatively, please enroll in the course you need to take for the next semester prior to submitting your Graduate Certificate application.
  3. If you do apply and are or not accepted into the Graduate Certificate Program prior your to last semester in your master's degree, you will have to enroll in a semester after completing your master's degree. Example: You are finishing your MPA degree in Spring 2013. This includes your fourth course for the Labor Relations certificate. Your application for the LR Certificate is not in time to be admitted to the LR certificate for Spring 2013. Since you must be enrolled in the semester in which a degree or graduate certificate is awarded, you will have to pay a Continuous Registration Fee (CRG 999- about $333) for either Summer 2013 or Fall 2013. Lesson: Make sure you apply for the Graduate Certificate program prior to your last semester.
  4. If you are admitted to one of the Graduate Certificate Programs, you will have to file a Program of Study (POS) with the Graduate School. The SLRC director, Dr. Richard Scholl, SLRC Director, will work with you to develop and file your Graduate Certificate POS. You should work with your master's degree program advisor to develop and file your POS for your master's degree.
    1. MPA: Dr. Marc Hutchinson
    2. MBA: Lisa Lancelotta
  5. In both the MPA and MBA programs, there is one required course that can be used to satisfy the four-course certificate requirement,
    1. MPA: LRS/PSC 503- Problems in Public Personnel Administration
    2. MBA: MBA 502- Organizational Behavior