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LRS 432 Work, Employment and Society
Explores the workplace and employment relations from a sociological perspective.  Topics include work systems, worker alienation and organizations, occupational identity, and the impacts of immigration, feminization, and globalization on the workplace.
LRS 500 Labor Relations and Human Resources
Introduction to labor relations and human resources, including employment practices in unionized and non-union organizations; also issues related to data sources and research methodology. 
LRS 520 Developments in Worker Representation 
Structure, functions, responsibilities and programs of unions and union leadership. Emphasis on policies and decision making. Evaluation of labor and management performance. Consideration of administrative problems associated with growth of white collar unions.
LRS 521 Comparative Labor Relations Systems
Comparative labor and industrial relations systems, including union, management, and government functions and roles; also the functions of international organizations in labor relations.
LRS 526 Economics of Labor Markets
The theory of labor-market behavior, and application of theory for public-policy analysis in areas such as discrimination, unemployment and education
LRS 531 Employment Law
Analysis of legislation protecting worker health, employment, income security; including OSHA, workers’ compensation, equal opportunity, fair labor standards. Walsh-Healy and Davis-Bacon, pension funds, unemployment compensation, and social security.
LRS 532  Seminar in Employment Law
Advanced seminar to review and evaluate current issues and changing trends in selected aspects of employment law
LRS 533 Pensions, Health Care, and Employee Benefit Programs
An analysis of employee assistance plans (EAPs), health fringe benefits, and pension plans and their negotiation within both private and public sectors.
LRS 541 Labor Relations Law
Legal framework for private and public sector collective bargaining. Regulation of activities with emphasis on individual rights, collective rights, and policy considerations of Federal and State courts, the NLRB, and State Labor Boards in determining society’s rights. Case studies.
LRS 542 Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining
Collective bargaining literature, theories, and practice. Emphasis on the institutional features of bargaining in both public and private sectors as well techniques and dynamics of the bargaining process
LRS 543 Public Sector Labor Relations
Public sector (state, municipal, federal, police, fire, K-12 education, and higher education) collective bargaining theory, practice, and legal foundations. Comprehensive case studies.
LRS 545 Arbitration & Mediation of Labor & Employment Disputes
Students prepare, present, and analyze labor and employment arbitration/mediations. The course also covers interest arbitration, and innovative methods for resolving disputes.
LRS 546 Negotiations & Alternative Dispute Resolution
Examination of the interpersonal dynamics of negotiations and conflict resolution processes, including interest-based or collaborative bargaining in a variety of contexts; e.g. labor relations, community, environmental, divorce, racial commercial.