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Undergraduate Minor in Labor and Employee Relations

The Schmidt Labor Research Center offers an undergraduate minor Labor and Employee Relations. The program aims to educate students about the impact of jobs on life and society-- and how we can meaningfully alter that relationship.

This minor draws from every area of social science to examine the practical problems in factories, offices, corporations and labor unions. The curriculum also integrates the socioeconomic forces that make up personnel relationships in the world of blue and white collar employment.

With the Director of the SLRC, you will set a program of study, choosing from a diverse set of courses dealing with working life and the problems faced by working people.

Course Overview

Students in the labor studies minor are required to complete a total of 18 credits outside the major. Students must take LRS 480, Seminar in Labor Studies, and choose the remaining fifteen credits from the following classes:

BUS 342 Human Resource Management
BUS 344 Labor Problems
BUS 443 Organization Development and Change
BUS 444 Labor Relations
BUS 445 Compensation Administration
HIS 349 History of American Labor
SOC 241 Work and Society
SOC 320 Formal Organizations
SOC 350 Work and Family LIfe
SOC 336 Social Inequality
SOC 432 Work, Employment and Society
PSC 369 Legislative Process and Policy Formation
ECN 338 International Economics
ECN 368 Labor Economics
ECN 386 The Economics of Race, Gender and Class
COM 460 Communication and Conflict Resolution
LRS 480 Seminar in Labor Studies