Types of Values

Where do we use values?























Where do we use attitudes

  • Job satisfaction is an attitude? Component?
  • Employee attitude surveys
  • Attitudes toward changes
  • Attitudes toward unions
  • Training & Development
  • Decision-making: Cognitive, affective, and evaluative decision-making













Personality Traits












Cognitive Style















Self Concept

An individual's perceptions of his or her traits, values and competencies.

Related variables:













Motivation as a Dispositional Variable

Key Questions:

  1. Is motivation a dispositional variable?
  2. Is motivation consistent across situations and time for a given individual?

Related concepts:

Dispositional Considerations:

  1. Self-efficacy
  2. Agreeableness and trust
  3. Values
  4. Need for external validation
  5. Need for internal validation
  6. Organizational identification

Things to remember:

  1. Motivation is the force that:
  2. Motivation is behaviorally specific
  3. Motivation is a function of the interaction of dispositional and situational factors