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Richard W. Scholl, Ph.D.
Director, Schmidt Labor Research Center

36 Upper College Road
Kingston, RI 02881
Office: 401-874-4347

Course Description

Human resource issues addressed in context of changing product and labor markets, including relationship between human resource policies; the economic, social, and political environment; and firm’s strategic objectives. Last offering: Spring 2010. Next offering: Spring 2011

Human Resource Strategy (HRS) is a required (core) course for students in the Labor Relations and Human Resources Masters degree program.  It can also be used as an elective in many professional master's degree programs such as the MBA, the MPA program, and the MS in Nursing program. 

This course differs from our similar offerings, MBA 578 - Human Resource Development (HRD) and LRS/MBA 572 - Staffing, in a couple of important ways. HRS focuses on the relationship between organizational competitive strategy and the human resource functions. Emphasis in on the section of the appropriative HR strategy (e.g., merit pay, gainsharing, 360 degree appraisal) in order to effectively realize an organization's competitive strategy. The various advantages and disadvantages of control versus commitment approaches to human resource management are also covered. In HRD and Staffing, the implementation of various HR approaches are covered. The implementation of various selection and recruitment as well a individual, team and organizational development strategies are central to these courses. The implementation of compensation strategies is covered in MBA 577 - Compensation Administration

Students enrolled in LRS 551/MBA 572 can access all of the course resources by logging on the their URI Sakai workspace.

Text: Jackson, Susan E, Schuler, Randall S., & Werner, Steve. 2009. Managing Human Resources (10th ed.). Southwestern-Centage Learning (ISBN-13: 978-0324-56839-4) Amazon

Other class readings can be accessed from the syllabus page on the course Sakai website.