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This course is the capstone course for the MS program in Labor Relations and Human Resources. It is designed to provide an "integrating experience" that weaves the various threads of individual courses that you have taken in the program as well as an in-depth examination of a particular topic area with the fields of labor relations and human resources.

The major requirement for this course is a research paper in which you will answer a research question of your choosing in depth. You will also be required to present your findings to the other class members and interested faculty members.

Finally, while it is not one of the requirements of LRS 580 (and is independent from you LRS 580 grade) one of the requirements for graduation is that you pass a comprehensive examination. This exam will consist of questions drawn from seven different subject areas:

  1. Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
  2. Human Resource Strategy
  3. Labor Law
  4. Employment Law
  5. Labor Economics
  6. Comparative Labor Relations Systems
  7. Labor History