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Research at URI


Unanticipated Problems

Adverse events that arise during the course of a project involving animals in research or teaching should be reported to the Attending Veterinarian immediately. In addition, a form recording the pertinent information about the adverse event should be submitted to the IACUC. An adverse event is any happening not consistent with routine expected outcomes that result in any animal welfare issues (e.g., death, disease, distress) or human health risks (e.g., zoonotic disease, injuries). The Adverse Event form and Guidance Policy are located on IRBNet under Forms and Templates and can also be found by clicking the following links:

Adverse Event Form

Guidance Policy – Adverse Event

Report a Concern

An individual who has a concern involving the care and use of animals at URI may have those concerns reviewed. All concerns will be investigated. The minimum report must include nature of complaint, location of where the activity being reported occurred, date and approximate time of the incident. Whenever possible, indicate the name of the individuals involved in the activity and a protocol number if known. Mistreatment is physical or psychological, wrongful or abusive treatment of an animal. Noncompliance means that procedures or policies are not being followed, and this may be willful or stem from confusion or misunderstanding.

The Animal Welfare Acts protects the rights of individuals reporting animal welfare concerns and prohibits discrimination against or reprisal for reporting violations of regulations or standards under the Animal Welfare Act. To report a concern, refer to our Reporting a Concern page.

For more information regarding URI's Policy for Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns, refer to the URI IACUC Governance and Operating Policy.  Contact information is available on the URI Animal Welfare Concerns information sheet.