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Research at URI


Documents must be downloaded and saved to your hard drive to work properly. Once completed, all forms must be submitted online via IRBNet

New Protocol & 3 Year Renewal Protocol Form (rev. 09-2014)

Animal Requisition Form (rev. 10-2013)

Animal Transport Form (rev. 10-2013)

Animal Transfer Form (rev. 10-2013)

Event Reporting Form (rev. 10-2014)

Termination Form (rev. 10-2013)

Faculty/Student Assurance Form (rev. 08-2014)

Annual Continuing Review Form for USDA Species (rev. 08-2014)

Protocol Amendment Form (rev. 9-2014)

Memorandum of Understanding (11-2014)




If you have trouble accessing these forms electronically you can contact the Office of Research Integrity:

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