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Research at URI

Animal Subjects Protection


The University of Rhode Island (URI) is deeply committed to the ethical treatment of animals in research.  The use of animals is essential to the teaching, outreach, and research missions of URI. Significant benefits to the health and welfare of both animals and humans have resulted from animal use in research, and continued use is crucial to future advancements. Without the use of animals, adequate instruction of students in many programs such as agriculture, biological sciences, and veterinary science would be impossible.

The URI Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is responsible for overseeing the provisions for the care and well -being of animals used for research and educational purposes at the University and serves the public by ensuring compliance with all legal and ethical standards regarding the use of vertebrate animals in research and teaching at URI.

Submission and Protocol Review Process

The length of the approval process is influenced by several varying factors, such as the complexity of a protocol and the completeness of documentation. In all circumstances, early submission combined with accurate documentation will result in an expedited approval.

Applicants must submit application materials to the IACUC at least two weeks prior to the date of the scheduled IACUC meeting. Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for protocol review, depending on the complexity of the project and the extent of revisions required. Refer to the Protocol Review Process Flow Chart and Guide.


The forms needed for new protocols, a 3 year protocol renewal, and yearly updates are available below and on IRBNet. If the protocol is part of a thesis, dissertation, or sponsored research grant proposal, an electronic copy of that proposal must be submitted as well. All information must be submitted through IRBNet.

Other Information

Sample Size Calculations

Federal law, policy and U.S. Government Principle III mandate that investigators use the minimum number of animals necessary to obtain valid results. Therefore, the IACUC must review the number of animals requested in each protocol and agree that the number is appropriately justified in terms of the stated goals of the project. Section 8 of the IACUC protocol addresses this requirement.

"Section 8: Rationale for Numbers of Animals. Provide the rationale for the number of animals requested and how the number of animals was determined to be appropriate. Whenever possible, the number of animals requested should be justified statistically."

  • In general, this means do a power analysis.
  • Alternatively, if animal numbers to be used are based on previous work or publications, provide citations

Policies, Regulations, and Guidelines

Animal Subjects Research Training

Animal Users Health and Safety Program

Laboratory Animal Service Center