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Research at URI

Laboratory Animal Service Center

The Laboratory Animal Service Center (LASC) facilitates the humane care and use of laboratory animals (e.g., mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits) in research and teaching at the University of Rhode Island.

The LASC is operated by the Office of Research Integrity, 70 Lower College Road, in the lower level of the Research Building. This office places all animal orders; maintains inventories of food, bedding, sanitation materials, and clinical supplies; and processes animal care billing to principal investigators. Please call the main office line (401)874-4328 or email for further information.

Policies and Procedures

Rates and Fees

The LASC is required to recover the costs associated with the care of laboratory animals through per diem rates. See the FY15 Per Diem Rate Sheet for more information. Per diem rates are based on the cost analysis and recovery procedures delineated in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Cost Analysis and Rate Setting Manual for Animal Research Facilities. Approximately 80% of animal care costs are subsidized by the Division of Research and Economic Develop and the individual Colleges.

Invoices are processed monthly and charged interdepartmentally to the principal investigator's Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) project or department chartfield as located on the animal cage card and room census sheet.

Program Activities

The regular program activities of the LASC Center are to make available the following services to all academic and/or research faculty and staff affiliated with the IACUC and animal use: 

  • LASC provides complete animal care for all laboratory animals used for research and/or teaching purposes.
  • LASC orders (as requested by Investigators), receives and places into appropriate housing all laboratory animals used for research and/or teaching purposes.
  • LASC provides complete clinical health care and/or diagnostic services for all laboratory animals under our charge.
  • LASC provides consultation (as requested by investigators) on veterinary, regulatory, and/or animal model aspects of laboratory animal use.
  • LASC distributes to all interested academic and/or research faculty and staff any current, relevant information of a general nature regarding the proper use of laboratory species.
  • LASC distributes specific information to principal investigators regarding current innovations in the area of their individual research interests.