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IACUC Meeting Schedule and Submission Deadlines


Projects involving the use of animals are subject to full committee review by the IACUC. Applicants must submit application materials online through IRBNet. Please submit at least two weeks prior to the date of the scheduled IACUC meeting.

2014 meetings will be held in the Alumni Center Board Room at 1:00 p.m. If you have any questions regarding meeting details, please call 874-4328.

Submission Deadline
Meeting Date
January 13   January 27*
February 3   February 17
March 3   March 17
April 7   April 21
May 5   May 12
June 3   June 16
July 7   July 21
August 4   August 18
September 1   September 15
October 6   October 20
November 3   November 17
December 1   December 15
*The IACUC Meeting scheduled January 27th, 2014 will be held in the LAN Conference Room, Ballentine Hall at 1:00 p.m.
Any questions relating to IACUC review may be addressed by email to: Jean Gentile, IACUC/IBC Specialist,

Application forms and instructions are available at the Research Integrity website or on IRBNet. Please note that applications will only be processed if the correct forms are used; applications that do not use these forms will be returned to the applicant.

It is expected that you, or someone very knowledgeable about your study, will be in attendance at the meeting at which your protocol will be reviewed, in order to answer any questions the IACUC may have. If you are unable to attend we may re-schedule review of your proposal to a future meeting. This policy applies to all but continuing studies in which there have been no substantive changes.

If the proposed research will be used towards a student's thesis/dissertation, his/her major professor (or designee) MUST be present at this meeting.

Your presence is to your advantage and will expedite the approval process. The IACUC often requires clarification or revisions to new proposals. The principal reviewer of your proposal may also contact you prior to the meeting for clarifications.

Please email Jean Gentile, IACUC/IBC Specialist at to confirm that you plan to attend a meeting or if you have any questions regarding the review process.







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