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Research at URI

What to Include in My IRB Submission Package?

What you must submit in your IRB Application

  • All packages must include:
    • IRB Application
    • Research proposal
    • CITI training for all key personnel

Your package may require additional documents

  • Does your research involve collection of data from human subjects?
    • Informed Consent Form
  • Does your research involve collection of data from minors?
    • Assent form
    • Parental Permission Form
  • Have you apply for funding for this research?
    • Grant Application
  • Has or will this research be submitted to another IRB or committee? 
    • IRB Approval letter or Letter of Authorization
  • Will you have independent investigators who are not affiliated with URI or another institution with a FWA?
    • Unaffiliated Investigator Form
  • Does your research have collaborative agency, organization or institution?
    • Letter of Agreement to participate in research
  • Does your research use questionnaires research instruments or surveys?
    • Questionnaires/surveys
  • Does your research involve any recruitment?
    • Copies of all flyers, email recruiting letters, telephone and oral scripts
  • Does this research protocol fulfill MA or PhD requirements?
    • MA/PhD Proposal
    • SIGNED copy of MA/PhD Proposal Approval Sheet
    • CITI certificate for student and major professor
  • Does your research involve HIPPA data?
    • HIPPA Research Authorization Form or Waiver of Authorization
  • Does your research involve deception?
    • Debriefing script