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Academic Roadmap

The Academic Roadmap® allows you to enter a world of educational opportunities and choices. It will be up to you to decide which road your life will follow. Use this roadmap to help you make the most of your education by finding an academic program that will lead you to an exciting career in science!

  • Prospective Students
  • Enrolled Students
  • Returning Students
Prospective Students
As a prospective student, you have a world of careers to pursue and schools to apply to. Begin by narrowing it down either by selecting a school or a career path. Selecting a career will focus the content towards what kind of academic strengths and personal qualities are required to be successful. Choosing a school will let you view its admission requirements, academic programs, and other resources.

Select a school or career from the lists below to begin:
Enrolled Students
As an enrolled student, you can explore detailed requirements for the programs offered by your school or view information about potential career choices. Selecting the school you are currently enrolled at will allow you to select from a list of programs offered by that school. You may also select a career to debate potential career choices and see if you will be happy along the path achieving your goals.

Select an academic program or career from the lists below to begin:

Returning Students
As a returning student, you can view various careers to see what kind of employment opportunities are out there in different fields. From each career, you can view a list of schools that have programs that will help you towards your goal. You may also select a school directly to find specific information such as admission requirements, financial aid, and view other program choices you may be interested in.

Select a career or school from the lists below to begin: