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Community College of Rhode Island — Biotechnology

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Is this field for me?

Academic Strengths - The Biotechnology Certificate Program at CCRI requires that you have some basic math and good communication skills; the course of study requires the ability to do computational work and read at a college level. You must take ACCUPLACER exams in order to evaluate your current academic abilities and to place you in courses designed to remedy any deficiencies. If you need to brush-up on math or communication skills, you can utilize CCRI’s student success center which offers study skills workshops and tutoring. Prior exposure to biology and chemistry in your high school course work will be very helpful. If you feel you can meet these challenges and are interested in hands-on learning in the sciences, then CCRI’s Biotechnology Certificate Program is a good fit!

Personal Qualities

Patience - We have all heard that “patience is a virtue,” and this applies especially to the biotech field. Research and development, clinical trials, and FDA approval for new products can take as long as 10 to 15 years! This may require you to work on the same project for many years, but the payoff is to be part of a team who develops a drug that can save lives!

Precision - Attention to detail and accuracy is necessary in laboratory work. You will be expected to read, understand, and follow standard operating procedures to ensure consistency and accuracy in your results.

Job Market

Biotechnology is currently one of the fastest growing career sectors. From 2001-2006, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an employment increase of 258.9% in the area of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals and an increase of 49.7% in the field of Agricultural Feedstock & Chemicals.

In 2009, Rhode Island was named one of the top six biotechnology hotspots [BioWorld's Summer 2009 Expansion and Relocation] in North America. Like the Industrial Age before us, we are on the cusp of The Biotechnology Age.

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