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Community College of Rhode Island — Biotechnology


The Biotechnology Certificate Program at CCRI prepares students for entry into the biomanufacturing industry. The certificate may be attained in less than a year by completing coursework that emphasizes the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this emerging field. You will receive hands-on instruction designed for individuals with any level of previous formal education and workplace experience. The certificate will qualify you for many entry-level positions and if you have prior experience and/or education, you may use the certificate as a bridge to more advanced career positions.

This program includes courses in biotechnology, microbiology, chemical technology, and instrumentation as described in the CCRI course catalog. Coursework is designed to introduce and reinforce many of the concepts and techniques utilized in biotechnology and related industries. You will be trained in laboratory skills such as: working with DNA and protein, upstream and downstream processing, aseptic technique, gowning, documentation, GMP standards, and FDA regulations. Additionally, you will gain access to industry professionals through guest speakers, manufacturing facility tours, industry seminars, and other professional networking opportunities.

You may choose to complete only the certificate or apply your earned credits toward the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree. This aspect of the program is appealing to students who seek employment now and wish to return later to complete their education. Please contact the program coordinator for more information or questions about the program.

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